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F. A. Q. s

I want to book a session! What's next?

Use the contact page to send me a message and sign up for the monthly newsletter to learn when new dates drop. Appointments are booked up 1-2 months in advance. I typically schedule at 10am, but flexibility is allowed case by case. 

Please allow a few days for a response, due to the high volume of inquiries.

Do you take a deposit? Is it refundable?

I require a $250 non-refundable deposit to confirm your appointment. You can pay the remaining balance at the end of the session.

What's the best form of payment?

Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, and Cash are accepted. Card reader available on site. 

How long is a session? 

Headshot sessions take between 2-4 hours depending on hair, makeup, etc. 

Branding sessions take between 4-5.5 hours also depending on hair, makeup, and wardrobe changes. 

Can we chat before our session? 

Of course! I love to chat with clients beforehand, just to get an idea of your goals and what you'd like to accomplish at the end of the shoot. We can also discuss wardrobe, type, and any questions you have. 

Where do you shoot?

I shoot in my apartment studio in Williamsburg, Brooklyn! So, I have access to indoor studio lighting as well as outdoor natural light.  I take a ton of pride in creating a safe and creative environment for my range of clients. 

What's a "branding" shoot?

I absolutely adore creative portraits. It's a way to express oneself in an interesting and unique way. If you are an actor who needs headshots, but would also love an editorial style portrait, a branding shoot is for you! If you're a musician who needs album art, single art, or a press kit, a branding shoot is for you! The branding sessions are based on your ideas and concepts.

Check out examples below:

What do I bring? 

We will discuss at length about this during our phone consultation beforehand. I will ask a ton of questions about your goals and will guide you during the choosing process. 

The best place to start is looking in your closet for pieces that not only represent your personal style, but can also illustrate the kind of roles you're looking to be cast in. If your own wardrobe isn't providing that clarity, then it's a great idea to purchase pieces that can fulfill those needs. Color also plays a huge part in telling the story of you and the characters you're going out for.

 Finally, please provide wardrobe that is clean and free from holes or dirt. IYKYK. 

Do you have a steamer?  


Who are your makeup artists?

Allie J

Starr Ceska

Virna Acosta

Tee Chavez

Can I bring my own makeup artist?

While it's preferred to hire one of my incredibly talented and vetted artists, it's not mandatory. 

Initial application must be done prior to arrival to my studio.  Your MUA may accompany you for touch ups and makeup changes. 

Do you have a stylist? 

I do not have an exclusive stylist, but you're welcome to reach out to the following:

Kia Hill

Jessica Myhr

Can I bring a friend with me? 

Children 18 and under are more than welcome to have a parent or care giver accompany them to the shoot.  Please inform me if you need to bring someone, otherwise guests are not allowed. 

How/When do I get my proofs and final edits?

You will receive your proofs within 7 days of your shoot. They will be in an online gallery through my website. Once received you are allowed to download your images to your computer, as well as share them with your friends, family, and/or representation.

Turnaround time for retouching is now 10-14 business days. 

Do I need to choose right away?

Nope! You can take up to 1 month to choose! Favorite them in the gallery or email the image numbers with your choices.

The included retouched edits agreement expires after 1 month.

Can I have all of the RAW images?

No. As a photographer, consistency is key for my brand and my business. So, I can't have images that haven't been edited by me, floating around on the internet.

Where should I print? 

I recommend the following reproduction labs. 

Quick Color Custom Lab

The Actors Photo Lab

What's your re-shoot policy? 

I don't offer free re-shoots. I shoot tethered so you can see a full screen representation of each frame that we take. I also do a series of test shots for you to approve hair and makeup for each "look". There is a constant collaboration and conversation between you and I throughout the entirety of the session. If there is anything not to your liking, it is always up to you to speak your mind tell us the truth. 

We are here to make this a joyful and productive experience and are rooting for you the entire time! 

"A vocal client, is a happy client." -Ambe J. 

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